As we close out the month of May, I want to provide a quick update on the Dare to Doodle fundraising efforts. Through this whole process, I hope to remain as transparent as possible, and keep you informed on our progress. As I mentioned in our previous blog post, Kalamadoodle has never been about making a profit; it's about building a community.

I want to thank each and every one of you who has already chosen to support financially. Your appreciation for the resources we need and time we spend on this project means an incredible amount to us. Your early enthusiasm has been the wind in our sails. Thank you. And I also want to thank the people who have reached out with kind words, ideas to help, and given us your support. It's encouraging to know that Kalamadoodle is on your mind and that you are interested in finding ways to keep it going.

After the initial launch of the Dare to Doodle Fund, we saw a huge increase in website traffic. Over 1,300 of you have taken the time to read about The Future of Kalamadoodle, and that number continues to climb. With all of the Facebook Shares, Twitter Retweets, and Instagram Likes along the way, it's clear that the Kalamazoo community cares about this project, and that's wonderful.

But as May ends, we're still a long way from reaching our funding goal of $7,200 by August, 31, 2016. To date, we've raised $736 (10.2%) between online and event donations. After processing fees, that number becomes much less, but I'll continue to update based on the actual amount that has left your pockets. I'll hold off on providing an exact figure here, but I do want to mention that the amount currently raised has come from a very small number of people, who have generously chosen to show they want Kalamadoodle to continue. I was surprised and flattered that many of these people have never been to an event, but believe in the mission of what we're doing, and understand the work it takes to make this successful.

[Note: While we do receive 100% of cash donations, we have no way to track who provided them, and I truly hope to find ways to reach out and give something special to those who have financially backed this project.]

So what does this mean? Currently, I'm still in discussion with a few venues and businesses that are interested in creating a fundraising opportunity for Kalamadoodle and hope to have more information about that soon. There have also been several questions and comments about creating items that can be sold or auctioned off to the highest bidder. The brainstorming is great and the ideas are appreciated, but I'll admit that there are some downsides. It will take an enormous amount of time and effort to responsibly organize and facilitate an auction, not to mention, ensuring the artists receive proper credit and compensation. And we would love to explore each and every great suggestion that has been provided, but I have to be honest and say we're already spread quite thin with the hours we can volunteer. Our hope is that the Kalamadoodle events you know and love are worth supporting with your dollar, and anything else we can work to provide, will be treated as, "that something extra".

As we move into June, I'll continue to keep you posted on any new ways to support Kalamadoodle, and also give a financial update on our progress. Thank you again, to everyone who cares about Kalamadoodle; your appreciation and support goes a long way.


Mike Klok and the Kalamadoodle Team