As we approach our Two Year Anniversary, I want to thank each and every one of you; whether you know it or not, you've played an important role in making these events possible. From our small, yet mighty, team of volunteers, to the breweries and organizations that continue to host us. And of course, the attendees and members of our community who share in our passion for spreading creativity, allowing us to have an extreme amount of fun and an incredibly fulfilling experience. Thank you, everyone, for two amazing years.

As I mentioned in our first post about the future of Kalamadoodle, we have events scheduled through the month of October and are now finalizing plans for the month of November. But to continue these monthly events, your help is still needed.

After the awesome event at Arcadia Brewing Company, as well as additional donations and purchases online, we closed out the month of July at $1,454.00, which brings us to just over 20% of our goal. At this point, reaching the $7,200 mark by August 31st is not likely, but we plan to continue using any funds raised to support the continuation of this community building project. This could mean reducing the events to every other month, or once a quarter; but in no way are we going to simply take the money and run. We're incredibly proud of what we've created; and want to continue developing Kalamazoo's creative community with all of you.

In addition to straight-forward donations, we've started to offer a limited amount of products and merchandise that can be purchased at our events and online. While we hope you feel that the events themselves are worth supporting with your dollar, we understand the interest in having something tangible that you can walk away with. These shirts were donated by Kalamazoo Sportswear & Regalia to help support this project, and we greatly appreciate their generosity. The message of Dare to Doodle speaks to our D.I.Y. roots, and the idea that simply enjoying the creative process, without structure or limitation, is its own reward. 

If you've been a part of Kalamadoodle and have enjoyed the positive message we're sharing, please consider donating to our cause. The money will be put to good use, providing supplies and resources for our small team to continue bringing you awesome events and experiences, just like we have for the past two years.

Please support the Dare to Doodle Fund today and become a bigger part of our growing community.


Mike Klok and the Kalamadoodle Team