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On Wednesday, November 9th, Kalamadoodle is partnering with the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center and One Well Brewing for the first ever, Cut-Out Spectacular!

We've been collecting doodles from over two years of monthly events, and we're running out of room to store them. Instead of recycling the beautiful artwork created by our attendees, we thought it would be fitting to give you a chance to cut-out and keep your own, or others, Kalamadoodle creations!

The night will feature a handful of different activities, including:

  • A takeover of the KBAC tables for awesome doodle action!
  • Paper cut-out stations
  • Beer provided by One Well Brewing
  • Live printing and demonstrations
  • Local artwork on display by Jeff Abshear
  • And so much more!

All of the artwork will be free and up for grabs, as we do not have a great way to confirm or credit each artist. Our hope is that the Kalamazoo community will enjoy the opportunity to revisit doodles created from events past, and collect awesome artwork that can be a constant inspiration in your home!

More details will be available shortly on our Facebook Event Page; stay tuned!