Kalamadoodle workshops offer a unique and fresh approach to team building, and inspire your employees to think creatively! We provide a fun, interactive learning environment that encourages enthusiastic attendee participation and results in an effective, long-lasting impact on your staff.

Our workshops focus on helping your team grow through problem solving and innovative thinking. We create each workshop based upon your target objectives, balanced with our own signature style. Prior to partnering with our clients, we find it important to perform a consultation session to ensure we understand your needs and can provide the right fit. Our custom-tailored workshops center around the following core principles:


Plain and simple, businesses and organizations are more successful when employees are actively generating new ideas and strategies. Cultivating a workplace environment that encourages ideation and out-of-the-box thinking empowers employees and makes them feel more engaged. Our workshops help your team with practical tips for brainstorming and idea generation, overcoming creative block, and working as a team to produce ideas worth executing.


An idea will fall flat on its face without the appropriate resources to make the idea come to life. In our professional and personal lives, we constantly rely on the people and tools around us to achieve our goals. Identifying our own strengths and weaknesses is key to understanding the resources we need to move ideas forward. Our workshops help your team to determine what resources are required to bring ideas to fruition, how to navigate available resources/roadblocks, and when to concede help is needed.


Without a solid plan in place or full buy-in from your team, executing an idea can prove to be challenging. The entire organization needs to be speaking the same language and championing the execution of your initiatives. Our workshops help your team understand the importance of a unified message, how to market ideas internally and externally, and why having the entire team rally around the execution of your idea is so crucial.

Thinking creatively is important in any profession, and fostering a strong creative culture in your workplace promotes personal and organizational growth. We’re proud to offer workshops for the following industries:

  • Healthcare

  • Pharmaceutical / Medical Device

  • Education

  • Manufacturing

  • Financial Services

  • Restaurant / Hospitality

  • Government / Non-Profit

  • And many more

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